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Sales end while supplies last.

SPEED Limited Edition "FULL SPEED" will be on sale until August 31, 2012.

It has approximately twice as much mint as SPEED, and the refreshing scent of lemongrass creates a unique cool sensation, and these aromas are expected to be effective in repelling insects. When you feel hot, insert your hand into the SPEED and let it cool your mind from your hand to your heart.

With FULL SPEED, you will be able to enjoy bouldering comfortably and happily even in midsummer, high humidity, and a large number of insects.

* Effectiveness may vary from person to person.
* When storing, remove air from the container, seal it, and use it up as soon as possible.

product size

(W)160mm (H)200mm (D)80mm


Precautions for use

●Do not use for anything other than climbing. ●Keep out of reach of children. ●Do not consume as it is not edible. ●Avoid suction. ●Do not get this in your eyes. ●If the product gets into your eyes or if you experience discomfort such as pain or itching, stop using it immediately and wash it off with water without rubbing.If any discomfort remains, consult a doctor.

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