Protein is currently being manufactured, but before that, we decided to release a convenient nutritional food, a protein bar.

Whey + casein + soy triple protein is used for nutrients, and 11 kinds of vitamins, coral calcium, and lactic acid bacteria are also added. A small pack of 2 protein bars for easy ingestion between climbs and workouts.

The lineup includes two flavors: a delicious strawberry flavor and a chocolate flavor that you can eat over and over without getting tired of it.

You can secure moderate carbohydrates and lipids for energy consumption during climbing and protein synthesis after exercise. In addition to 11 kinds of vitamins, it contains 74 kinds of natural minerals to support absorption. Mineral supplementation is also important for maintaining physical condition.

Conveniently carried in a pouch with a zipper.

Accompanied by climbing, supplement with a protein bar.

Start with simple nutrition

Climbing is a very strenuous exercise. When a muscle is subjected to a high load, a large amount of energy is at work. Where is that energy coming from?

Yes, it's food. Carbohydrates and lipids absorbed by pre-climbing meals are consumed. When these are depleted, muscle strength weakens due to lack of energy, protein breakdown, and eventually it causes breakdown and injury.

Fast-absorbing BCAAs and EAAs can be used to increase muscle synthesis during climbing, and protein bars can be easily replenished to maximize post-climb recovery and synthesis performance.

*This product is designed for energy consumption and muscle recovery and growth during climbing exercise, so if you are on a diet and do not exercise, we recommend choosing foods that are low in sugar and fat.

Protein bars will start shipping this weekend. Coming soon, you can buy it at your local climbing gym shop.