Nine essential items Stasa Gejo needs
A video (approximately 3 minutes) in which Starsha, supported by Tokyo Powder Germany agency WATAAAH, introduces gear. He says that BLACK Large is the second most important gear after unparallel shoes.
Hachioji 2019: World Championship Routesetting

It is a pattern of the route setting of the world championship held in Hachioji in 2019. A behind-the-scenes documentary of the biggest tournament (mainly the men's final), where no other player was able to top the table, except for Tomoa Narasaki, who achieved two top finishes.

This time it was a very special competition that included a combination of three categories of World Championships and an Olympic format. This video focuses solely on the bouldering world championships and attempts to understand the route setting process for competition at this level.

Tokyo Powder supports their project to make such a wonderful video on this rare opportunity before the Olympics.

Manuel Hassler (Chief IFSC Route Setter / TOKYO POWDER Ambassador), Gen Hirashima (TOKYO POWDER Ambassador), Romain Cabessut, And Katja Vidmar (IFSC Route Setters)

Best climbing chalk in the world? | Part I

From So iLL

An interview with Yamamoto, our representative and developer, was published at So iLL, an authorized distributor in the US and Canada. The interview was recorded early in the morning of the Rock Solid Camp held at Fish and Bird in Toyocho in 2018 and is by So iLL's video production genius 'Ryan'. By the way, Part 2 has published the product description of Tokyo Powder by Ryan.
BUKATSUDO - For Youth Athletes at Rock Beans
Produced a digest video of "Bukatsudo" for youth athletes at Tokyo Powder Presents. Even if there is no specific story, there are many hints here, and if one of those hints is solved, they will connect to the next, and have the potential to expand the world of new climbing. Yamamoto of Tokyo Powder tells the story of ROCK BEANS and Shogo Murooka's instructions on KONA BLOG. KONA BLOG

Tokyo Powder vs Powerslide
Somewhere in Kawaguchi City sent me very interesting experimental data. This is an experiment to see if Tokyo powder's climbing chalk can increase the frictional force of skateboard tires. Originally, our products are most effective when organic matter is present. However, it may be possible that the friction performance between rubber and inorganic substances will increase as well as the hold! ?
PumpFest 2016 Route-setting
A route setting video of Singapore's PUMPFEST, which became a hot topic on powder radio. Mitsuo Yamamoto from Tokyo Powder and Ivan from eyeCandy participated as setters, and the entire film was produced by ROLLFILM. Organized by NTU Outdoor Adventure Club and Presented by The North Face, the 19th Pumpfest bouldering competition hit Singapore from the 10th to the 12th of June 2016.
Training Camp With TONDE KATIYO
We invited TONDE KATIYO, an ambassador of Tokyo Powder, to hold athlete training for the Bouldering Japan Cup, as well as advanced route setting and commercial setting classes. Produced entirely by ROLLFILM.
Japanese Scented Climbing Chalk is Game Changer
SBP, where TRAVIS KEMP, a support setter for Tokyo Powder, works, has newly opened a huge boulder gym "ABP" in Austin, Texas, USA. It seems that WeDefy left a video of the initial setting at ABP when Tokyo Powder was brought in and setters used it.
The Development
A video featuring the first ascent of a beautiful granite slab on the stage of INDEX in Washington, USA, which is being developed by Tokyo Powder Ambassador TONDE KATIYO and support setter TRAVIS KEMP.