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2. 個人向けプログラム

ボトル10本と引き換えにノベルティをプレゼントするREUSE BOTTLESプログラムを行っています。
* ボトル返送時の送料はお客様ご負担になります。


The joy of encountering reuse

From 2019, we started selling reusable bottle products. This is a product that has been reused with minimal cleaning without removing scratches, stains, letters written with magic, etc., stickers, etc. Until December 31, 2022, 3,569 bottles The bottle was reborn as reuse.

The bottle you used will be reused by climbers somewhere in the country, and the day may come when you will meet that bottle. The stickers you put on yourself, the magic mark that you wrote about your goal achievement, they become footprints, and they reach the hands of climbers who are also trying to surpass their past selves. These small romances and impressions bring mysterious encounters and miraculous climbing experiences.

to reuse

We should also consider fossil fuels and CO2 emissions, but above all, we can't stand not using what is still usable. It's too good to take care of resources or global warming before that. Clean and clean things are good, but I don't think it's okay to throw them away because they aren't. At our factory, we reuse energy, as well as cardboard boxes, packaging materials, paper cups, and even surplus parts as much as possible.
If there is more work to reuse, why not do it because the cost is high?
It doesn't matter. If you can choose to use rather than throw away, the hassle will not bother you.
Even if the cost of time goes up, I can manage it. Reuse is a different dimension than cost and revenue.

We will continue to do our best to create a production environment that we can control as much as possible, such as the garbage we produce, recycling left to others, and reducing wasteful CO2.