Our company's back mountain is "Totoro's forest" floating in the city. There is an important natural environment that represents the metropolitan area.

In manufacturing and selling climbing chalk , we need to know how much burden we place on the natural environment.・I think it will be possible to sell it.

On this page, we will provide guidance on sustainability, such as measures to address environmental issues such as climate change, and the characteristics of our products.

* Tokyo Powder continuously supports several funds to protect forests.

ideal carbon neutral

The by-products of obtaining salt are mixed with the by-products of human life.

Magnesium hydroxide is contained in the liquid that remains after removing salt from seawater, and magnesium carbonate is refined by reacting this with carbon dioxide. In fact, the production of magnesium carbonate "consumes" carbon dioxide.
* Magnesium carbonate manufacturing plants generate electricity using large-scale solar energy.

Raw material circulation system

A recycling system for seawater-derived resources such as magnesium carbonate, which accounts for 95% of Tokyo Powder's raw materials, is ideal.

It is born by synthesizing the raw materials of by-products with by-products, and then returns to the original raw materials. It's the perfect circulation system.

CO2 emissions _

When we think about the burden on nature that we can reduce in manufacturing and selling, we have to think about what kind of activities we are doing and under what criteria we give the burden to the environment. Of course, the impact on rocks and nature when using our products is a familiar and most important issue. We are working to reduce emissions by calculating more emissions data.

Emissions are calculated at the price of Co2 emission credits, and we are making efforts to donate and support several NPOs that are regenerating and maintaining forests.

bottle reuse

With the cooperation of users, we are working on reusing bottles. In the future, we plan to add the reused bottles to our lineup as new products to reduce environmental impact through reuse. We are planning a program to increase the collection of bottles in the future.

About the reuse bottle program


Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, we have stopped doing business with financial institutions that invest in companies related to fossil fuels and nuclear power plants, and have shifted to doing business with banks that have not confirmed their investments. Currently, our trading banks are PayPay Bank (general transaction/material purchase) and Seibu Shinkin Bank (tax/payroll).

The goal is for each of us to contribute to this world. There is Tokyo powder as a means.
I feel that even a small and immature company has great potential.

We have learned a lot from this series of activities.
Thinking about the environment and doing what we can do not only improve the environment, but also improve the efficiency of our work, improve our skills, and most of all, encourage us, which undoubtedly leads to improved product quality.

The problem in front of me is brought to the surface and solved.
Find new challenges and overcome them.
I realize that this process is the source of my growth.

Anything can be as simple as climbing.