FRIENDLY FOOT price revision

Our imported product "Friendly Foot" has many hidden fans. For 10 years, we have been doing it with the price unchanged, but we will finally revise the price from 1/21.

Eligible products: FRIENDLY FOOT POWDER and SPRAY (same price)
Current price: 1,620 yen (excluding tax) → New price: 1,980 yen (excluding tax)

The reason why we have been able to sell at the same price since the beginning of sales is thanks to the president, Mr. Shaun (who is like an angel), who is very happy with every order, even if it is a small transaction.

Friendly Foot started when I, Yamamoto, was doing route setting training in Seattle. Normally, if a business continues for 10 years, it is said to be a great deal, but it is because we continue to manufacture the same products, that we continue to import, and that our customers love and continue to use them. I once again feel that being here is a big deal. With that in mind, the climbing industry is full of small giants...

Corona, high oil prices and cost push from the war, US inflation, and yen depreciation. Most climbing items sold in Japan are imported. Most of them are smaller brands like FF that make good gear wear. When I think about how many hardships, anguish, decisions, and actions the Japanese distributors who sell them have done over the past few years, it's painful and crushing.

Enough to look down and worry.

Catch up with and overtake the great predecessors who continue to import and introduce great gear to Japan, and do what they can when they can. , I will do my best to look forward!