Guidebooks to Taiwan's bouldering areas are back in stock.

The book features approximately 240 tasks in the four areas of BIHOU, DABAO, PINGLAI, and RUILONG, with photos and illustrations, and is packed with information in easy-to-understand English about how to get there, by train, taxi, or by driving yourself.

The epidemic has calmed down, but airfares remain high, so Taiwan is a good choice. It's close, the food is delicious, everyone is friendly and pro-Japan, and you can even enjoy bouldering, so there's no other choice but to go. Even in places where English is a little difficult to understand, you can get a taste of a foreign country and have a wonderful experience!

The content is easy to understand even for those visiting Taiwan for the first time, so why not enjoy Taiwan bouldering with this topo in hand!

Taiwan Bouldering Area Guidebook