We opened TOKYO POWDER WEB STORE. From today, you can purchase products on this website.

Since the beginning of our founding, we at Tokyo Powder believe that communication between customers and staff at our pro shop is the most important aspect of product sales. This is the biggest reason why I haven't done direct sales until now. Everyone has their own way of choosing chalk, and I think that thinking about which chalk is right for you is already an improvement in climbing technique.

Buying online is easy, but on the other hand, you may be missing out on valuable opportunities to improve your skills. By consulting with instructors and staff who actually know your climb at the pro shop, it will be an opportunity to get a bird's-eye view of the climb. In addition, the moment when ideas and ways of thinking that are born from such communication are very valuable, and we are clumsy, but we are focusing on creating topics for dealers so that we can create such wonderful opportunities through chalk. I was.

However, 10 years have passed since Tokyo Powder was founded, and it was no longer possible to hide the rut in these sales and marketing efforts. Overcoming the long period of stagnation caused by the infectious disease, I had a strong desire to take on new challenges. As you already know, we have started developing nutritional foods, and the opening of our online shop is one of them.

This opens up new channels of approach and increases what we can do. I am delusional that if they can be an opportunity to revitalize the market to some extent, we will be able to make more special efforts with dealers and create even more value in communication.

The system has been renewed, and the operation is unfamiliar, so I'm full of anxiety. I think there will be various failures, but at that time, I will apologize with an apology, so I would be happy if you could watch over me warmly, saying, "If you fail, you will get something, lucky." (Yamamoto)