10 empty bottles of the target product will be exchanged for 1 not-for-sale T-shirt.
The procedure is easy. Just apply, send the bottle, and wait for the T-shirt.


Do not remove the label.

Reception method

1. Once you have enough bottles, apply here.

application form Please apply using this Google form.

2. Please send us 10 empty bottles.

Bottle destination 〒207-0014
1-9-4 Minami-gai, Higashiyamato-shi, Tokyo
To Tokyo powder
TEL 042-507-9010
Notes Please send it with the label affixed.
It doesn't matter if you don't have a cap or inner lid (of course, it would be helpful if you had one).
As long as it can be used as a bottle, it does not matter if it is scratched or dirty.
*Please bear the shipping fee when shipping the bottle.

3. After confirmation, we will mail the desired novelty.

Novelty 1
SCARY T-shirt
SCARY T-shirt
Material: 100% cotton

160: Width 45 / Length 62 / Length 39
S: Width 47 / Length 67 / Length 42
M: Width 50 / Length 70 / Length 43
L: Width 53 / Length 73 / Length 46
XL: Out of stock

Novelty 2
Reprint LOGO T-shirt / NAVY or PURPLE
Reprint logo T-shirtReprinted LOGO T-shirt
Material: (NAVY) 38% cotton, 38% polyester, 24% rayon / (PURPLE) 100% cotton

(NAVY) Size - Small
S: Length 65cm Width 46cm Shoulder width 41cm Sleeve length 17cm
M: Length 68cm Width 48cm Shoulder width 42cm Sleeve length 18cm
L (out of stock): Finished

(PURPLE) size - standard size
S: Width 47 / Length 67 / Length 42
M: Width 50 / Length 70 / Length 43
L (out of stock): Finished

* If the item is out of stock, please change it to a different prize.
* Please note that we do not exchange prizes after shipping.

Environmental initiatives

We are considering it as a countermeasure against environmental load.

Measures against environmental impact