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PURE is a super fine chalk that uses magnesium carbonate obtained by our own production. It is the simplest and most cost-effective model.

By generating from magnesium hydroxide, impurities are suppressed, and excellent magnesium carbonate that is friendly to the environment is used. It is very comfortable to the touch, has little peculiarity, and achieves a high level of sustainability.

The Large Pack has a one way valve on the back that allows air to escape for storage, making it easier to fill fingerprint gaps and preventing friction loss by protecting the pack from drying out.

product size

(W)160mm (H)230mm (D)40mm

(W)200mm (H)290mm (D)90mm


●LARGE330g is equipped with a one-way valve that enhances quality by degassing. Remove air to reduce deterioration due to chalk drying. ●SMALL135g does not have a back design.

Precautions for use

●Do not use for anything other than climbing. ●Keep out of reach of children. ●Do not consume as it is not edible. ●Avoid suction. ●Do not get this in your eyes. ●If the product gets into your eyes or if you experience discomfort such as pain or itching, stop using it immediately and wash it off with water without rubbing.If any discomfort remains, consult a doctor.

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- sea to sea

- Tokyo Powder's magnesium carbonate is purified by reacting magnesium hydroxide, a by-product of salt production, with carbon dioxide. In fact, the production of magnesium carbonate is made by "consuming" carbon dioxide.

Furthermore, a circulation system for seawater-derived resources such as magnesium carbonate is ideal. It is born by synthesizing the raw materials of by-products with by-products, and then returns to the original raw materials. It is an ideal sustainable system.